Health & Safety

Health & Safety

We realise that our lorry loaders will never replace cranes but never the less we are regularly involved in some complex lifting operations and adhere to the guidelines of BS7121 Part 4 at all times. The advantage of using lorry loaders is that only one vehicle is required to transport the goods to site and carry out the lifting operation. This reduces the space required to carry out the lift and also as there is only one supplier there are no concerns about abortive crane charges if the transport is delayed.

We have our own newly qualified ALLMI Appointed Person who will visit your site and carry out a detailed survey to establish any particular risks and the appropriate lifting plan to suit the job specified. We will then produce, if you so wish, a site specific risk assessment, an agreed method statement and lift plan all based on your requirements.

Cranes and all lifting equipment are regularly inspected to ensure that they meet all necessary regulatory standards and copies of all certification are available for inspection as required.

Staff are ALLMI certified in the use of large capacity lorry loaders and have experience in operating in a diverse range of fields.

Operatives are provided with all appropriate protective clothing and equipment and regular briefings are held to ensure that the latest industry standards and best practises are being introduced into the working environment as soon as is practicable.

We operate to the CPA-ALLMI Best Practise Guide for the Safe Use of Lorry Loaders as newly issued in June 2010.